About Us​​

A Few Words About Us

Hi our names are DeAnna & Mechelle

  We are Neighbors, we live in the Country. We both have a husband       and 11 year old boys. Both our Families have Farmed in the area   for many, many years. Now Dee's Family owns a Car Dealership.             My Family Still Farms and raises cattle and works in the Oil Field.       Our children play together almost every day. They love to ride their         4 Wheelers around on the Farm. They go swimming in the creek and   chase cattle. She or I have to go find them for supper. Dee and I love     doing Arts and Crafts and making Wood Art, Like Santa's,Reindeers,     any Holiday outdoor decorations. We also like going to Craft Shows   and setting up our Booth. 
And this is ALL ABOUT US.
Thanks for stopping by.